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Lifestyle Technology


Our community features some of the latest technologies to make life simpler, richer and more interesting for our residents.

Each Independent and Assisted Living apartment includes (at no additional charge) voice-activated Amazon Echo technology, which enables residents to access a wealth of information. From the daily calendar (“Alexa, where is yoga today?”), to dining (“Alexa, what are today’s specials?”), to daily announcements and much more, Alexa brings the community alive through simple voice commands.

And that’s just the beginning. Alexa also includes all of the powerful Echo functions available in the home, from news and events, to podcasts and music, and all of the myriad abilities that this technology offers.

We also employ Eversound technology in the community, which is an amazing product designed to help residents better-enjoy lectures, movies, music, and any number of audio-centric programs in the community. This lightweight headphone system is wireless and easy to use, and brings programming to life to residents who like a little audio boost.

“Everything I need is here at the community. The residents and staff are not only nice but are also very caring.”


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